Thursday, 16 October 2014


Fun with Social Media (Facebook) – connects online- with people, families, businesses and organizations - & to anywhere in the world. Learn the skills to use FACEBOOK & find new partners-friends – & becoming popular & famous
instagram.jpgFun with Instagram- Learn how to USE YOUR SMARTPHONE to SHARE  instantly PHOTOS– with your friends  in- Tumblr, Flicker, Facebook, and Twitter- JUST SNAP PHOTO & SEND ..
skypeWeb Conferencing using Skype- Learn how to use this virtual meeting or conferencing tool through the internet- where multiple users-can see and talk on the same screen. Locally and overseas. 
google-driveCloud storage online -Learn how to use online storage to keep and share your documents, photos and great memories with your families and friends.

imagesCreate Your Own Web Blog shops. You will learn how to set up a shop from a FREE BLOGGING platform selling your products to the world
photoshopDigital Photo Management -Learn how to do simple PHOTOSHOP-LIKE adjustments & creations on your pictures & images using FREE SOFTWARES & become an expert DIGITAL ARTIST.

downloadFun with Basic Microsoft – PowerPoint-Learn  the basic tools – to use for your daily office usage – create  EXTRAORDINARY  IMAGES & DESIGN- for  business & PERSONAL  purposes

download (1)Fun with Basic Microsoft EXCEL– DISCOVER This SOFTWARE to-calculate your FAMILY BUDGET, CAR LOAN, HOUSE LOAN, BUSINESS CASH FLOW, BUSINESS PROFIT & LOSS and more.

Course conducted in ENGLISH & MALAY
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